MSP Business Coaches: Snake Oil Salesmen …or Success Drivers?

May 31, 2021by Stuart Warwick0

Last month I took part in an interview about my MSP coaching program – MSP Mastery – through which I help IT/MSP business owners scale with confidence to £1million or, if already there, to go faster.  The interview was provocatively titled ‘MSP Business Coaches: Snake Oil Salesmen …or Success Drivers?’ which made me laugh out loud as it’s an accurate take on how polarised MSPs and business owners in general feel about the coaching industry. So I wanted to take the opportunity to shine a light on why the coaching process is so powerful, why the ROI can be infinite and how MSPs I’m working with are benefitting.

Your Needs

Working with a coach will succeed or fail based on the match between your needs and the coach’s skill and experience of what you need help with.  Knowing the difference between a coach, mentor and consultant will ensure you engage the right person.  For example, if you want help setting up your PSA then you need a PSA consultant who can help you work with the vendor to maximises the set-up process for your business.  If it’s help with your financial structures and chart of accounts and integration with Xero, you’ll need a finance consultant, usually your accountant, but not always.

What about growing your business?  Mentor or coach?  Good question.  Someone who has built their own MSP and sold it can be a great resource and can act as a mentor applying their experience to your business.  However, if how they ran their business does not match your own style and ambitions then this may not be the right match for you.  Also, technologies and practices move on.  What worked for them then, may not work for you now.

A coach is different again.  A skilled one will have experience in coaching others to success based on what you need.  If it’s growing your MSP, then a coach experienced in scaling MSPs will work.  One that is more generalised may help a bit but not be able to truly understand the nuances you need to help long term. They will usually have run their own business and will help you build your business in your way on your terms not forcing you to follow one approach.  Where relevant they will hold you accountable to specific outcomes and work with you to overcome roadblocks and confidence issues when you get stuck.

Why MSP Mastery?

I did some research at the Office of National Statistics and Companies House some years ago and discovered that 96% of IT/MSPs never exceed a turnover of more than £1million a year; I know from experience that this means most MSPs have to work too hard for too long to truly reap the rewards from running their business.  So, using my experience I developed the MSP Mastery programme to help IT/MSPs scale with confidence to their first £1million and then accelerate to £1million in annual recurring revenue (ARR).  Once there, they can reap the rewards of a business that gives them more time, more profits and more freedom…or, as I call it…’a business that works for you rather than you for it’.

What to Expect

The MSP Mastery program is a long-term commitment, and so, although we’ll be working to make an impact on time and profitability quickly in your business (within 90 days), you’ll need to be sure you can put in the time and work to gain the maximum benefits.  We’ll work together to better understand where the business is at, how the structure has been formed, what the struggles are and where the strengths lie, as well as how to deploy a strong marketing and sales strategy to fulfil the full potential of the business:

Discovery:  We have a 1:1 session to help you identify what’s stopping your growth right now

Growth Plan:  We identify milestones and metrics with specific plans to measure success at 12 weeks intervals – the aim being to make a difference to your time and profits immediately.

Online:  You get exclusive access to the MSP Mastery portal, putting resources, interviews and development at your fingertips specific to scaling confidently.

Momentum:  Weekly group accountability calls keep you focused, in arms reach of immediate help and connected to peers on the same journey as you.

Review: every 12 weeks a one-to-one review of your progress ensures you stay on track and your focus is refreshed in line with your needs and goals.

You’ll also get access to me whenever you need me if you get stuck or there’s a topic you need some extra help or advice with that’s time-critical.

Don’t Take My Word For It

Dave Devery of NetSupport joined MSP Mastery wanting to get control back of his time and profits and said the following:

All in time for him to be able to take a lot out of time out of the business, to move house and welcome the arrival of a new child whilst his re-structured and enlarged team delivered for his clients.

As another client succinctly said, “working with Stuart and the MSP Mastery guys has helped me do in 15 months what would have taken me 5 years and hundreds of mistakes – the whole process gave me the confidence and tools to accelerate my growth.”

So, Might MSP Mastery Be For You?

Together we can help you to get to the important £1million milestone or, if you’re already there, to go faster.  This often needs a step change in approach to transition from where you are now, to where you need to be. This is where mentoring, coaching, learning from a good teacher and accountability can make all the difference.

Whenever you’re ready, here’s four ways I can help you scale your IT/MSP to achieve £1million in revenue or, if you’re already there, to go faster:

Grab a free copy of my 36 Ideas to scale your IT/MSP with confidence:
These ideas will show you how to harness your business to work for you, maximise your revenue and install the capacity to get more from your team. You can access your copy here.

Join the IT/MSP’s Scale With Confidence group on Facebook and connect with other MSP’s who are scaling too.
Too many IT/MSPs struggle to scale Beyond £1million and want more profit, time, and freedom from their business. This group is to help change this…giving you the confidence, community, and insight to get your business working for you rather than you for it. Join here.

Understand where you are on the MSP Journey:
There are four distinct phases to scaling and exceeding £1million in revenue or, if already there, to going faster in the MSP Journey. Find out which one you’re in.

Work with me privately.
if you want to get some 1:1 help, we can jump on the phone for a quick call, and brainstorm how to help you scale to £1million or, if you’re already there, how to accelerate to £1million in annual recurring revenue. Just book in here.

Stuart Warwick

I’ve spent my career growing businesses and helping business owners, just like you, grow in confidence, skills and start making their businesses work for them. Do you need someone like me in your corner?

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I connect MSP owners with their future and give them the clarity, confidence and structure to understand how to get there.
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Start today and scale your business with confidence.
I connect MSP owners with their future and give them the clarity, confidence and structure to understand how to get there.
LOCATIONWhere to find me?
NEWSLatest Posts
GET IN TOUCHSocial Media
Start today and scale your business with confidence.